About Us


The Shop was established in 2007 by Rob Clark and Alvin “AL” Brown. It took a lot of convincing by Al but after some time Rob was on board ready to take the new endeavor by the horns. The Shop was finished and opened in September of 2007 on Dunkard Avenue in Westover West Virginia. It was a rough around the edges and the location was less than desirable but they both felt the demand for ethnic and urban cuts would attract a clientele no matter how bad the location.


Cuts were $10 and Rob was the only barber cutting so days were long and slow at first. The floor wasn’t finished and the chairs didn’t work and it was a constant battle to keep out bugs but after some time word got around and slowly a clientele formed from WVU students, basketball and football players to locals and business people alike. The dream was always to get a space in downtown Morgantown on High Street and expand from there but after some family hardships Al decided to leave the company and Rob decided to re-form the LLC and push on.

After a year of grinding the clientele exploded. It was almost too much to handle. Twelve and fourteen hour days and anywhere from 25 to 40 heads a day and only 300 dollars in his pocket Rob felt some changes needed to be made. He had a long talk with a friend and fellow businessman and decided to raise the price of cuts two and a half times the old price from $10 to $25. He felt his dreams would never be realized charging the $10 that had been the standard since the 80’s. Prices were raised and in affect over 75% of his clientele were lost. But he still made two times the money doing less work and was able to concentrate more on the quality of the cuts rather than the “turn’em and burn’em” mentality of most chains. In effect money was saved and a downtown location was secured in July of 2009. Clients that stayed with him through the price hike were given a lifetime $5 discount off the new location price of $20 and the rest is history. After a couple newspaper articles and business awards from the chamber of commerce in Morgnatown , The Shop is still going strong providing quality classic and urban cuts to a cross-cultural and cross-generational community of locals and college students.